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My 2019 summer trip: Neurohackademy in Seattle, USA

My 2019 summer trip: Neurohackademy in Seattle, USA.

Next week I will fly to Seattle for a summer school. This so-called Neurohackademy is a two-week hands-on summer institute in neuroimaging and data science and is held at the University of Washington eScience Institute. During this summer school, I will learn more about new technologies that are used to analyze neuroscience data. Moreover, information will be given about how to make the results of my research (more) shareable and reproducible.

The first week of this Neurohackademy is devoted to lectures and during the second week, a hackathon will be organized. During this hackathon, we will form some project groups and solve some real problems that occur in neuroscience.

Lecture topics

The first week is all about state-of-the-art technologies for analyzing neuroscience data. Most of the instructors are from top universities from the USA and Canada but some instructors are scientists at Google. A selection of topics is listed below:

  • Collaborating with git and GitHub
  • Docker
  • High-performance python
  • Model-based fMRI and HCP data
  • Measuring functional brain networks
  • Machine learning with Scikit Learn
  • Optimization
  • Cloud computing
  • Finding low-dimension structure in large-scale neural recordings (my research topic of interest :) )
  • Deep learning

For a full list of all courses and instructors check out the website of this Neurohackademy

I am looking forward to learning more about these topics! I will post a few blogs on my website about some of the courses and my experiences during the hackathon.